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Fang Farrier

Dec 28, 2020

Teaser for upcoming episodes 6 & 7

Stealing a quiet moment in the house to talk about upcoming episodes and introduce myself.

If you want to introduce yourself and say hi, find me on Twitter @fang_farrier

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Dec 18, 2020

Tired or burnt out, would you recognise the difference?

In a brain heavy occupation like dentistry it's easy to feel tired, especially in the lead up to Christmas.

But is it just fatigue or another symptom of burnout?

Burnout is a real risk for dentists with serious potential outcomes. Recognising it in yourself and...

Dec 9, 2020

There are many reasons that working in dentistry can feel like working in a pressure cooker.  Time is a big one.

Pressure to keep to time, to not work through breaks, to not run late.  Add to this the pressure of all those emergencies that crawl out of the woodwork at this time of year, it's no wonder we finish the year...

Dec 2, 2020

Is bullying prevalent in dentistry?
What are the power imbalances within the structure of a dental practice that allow this?
Are we as a profession leaning into bullying strategies as a management tool?
Does someone need to be the 'bad guy'?

Just part of the discussion, head to twitter fang_ farrier if you want to join...

Nov 24, 2020

Introducing self care, we're great at caring for others but what about us?

Discussing the importance of hydration in maintaining mental health and managing stress in the surgery.

Dentistry as an endurance sport and dentists her professional athletes.