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Fang Farrier

Dec 8, 2021

Season 2 Episode 4

Where do broken dentists go?

I often think about colleagues who have left dentistry and what might have been if they'd had the tools, resources and support they needed to overcome the things in the way of it being an enjoyable career.

How can we stop losing them?

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Nov 25, 2021


Season 2 Episode 3: The demonisation of dentistry

Why do people hate the dentist and why are we fair game in the published press?

Discussing dentists in tv , movies and the media.  Looking at what we can control or influence and what we can't

Nov 16, 2021

Season 2 Ep 1 Gratitude

A positive emotion and a strength important to resilience and well being. But how can we practice it in a dental setting?

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Nov 10, 2021

Season 2 Episode 1 : Sleep Talk

Starting with the foundations for building any resilience tool box on.

This episode Emz talks sleep, why it's important, why the lack there of can lead to burnout, depression and just make life and dentistry harder.

How can you improve your sleep and build everyday resilience?

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Nov 2, 2021

Intro to season 2, focus on positive psychology in the context of applications to the dental profession.